Batak Pizza in Balige

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Balige, BatakToday –

A unique culinary experience is available in Balige, which combines western style cooking with Batak spice flavor. Bo.Ru.Ku Cafe specializes in pizza with sambal andaliman, giving it a taste to satisfy both Western and Batak style.

Bo.Ru.Ku Cafe
Bo.Ru.Ku Cafe, Balige.

The cafe also has a stylish outdoor setting and uses solar cell energy.

Owner Sebastian Hutabarat, chef Dorlina, and waitress Mey are trying a different culinary approach from consultant Thomas Heinle from Germany. Andaliman spice is special to North Sumatera and called Sichuan Pepper from the lowland Himalayan regions.

Westerners can describe it as lemon pepper,so it can be popular with both Batak and Western people. (Marcus Phillpis)

Photo: Mey,  Bo.Ru.Ku Café waitress, was serving a guest who wish to enjoy Batak Pizza. (bataktoday/mp)

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