Exploring Kampung Aceh

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By Magus Kutabarat

Billy Bob met a Batak motorbike tour rider who wanted him to join  to ride to Aceh. His name is Juan, who had ridden from Siantar to Dili, Timor Leste, and back again, and now wanted to complete the ride to Pulau Weh.

Billy Bob was amazed by his achievement so decided to join. They left Siantar and rode to Berastagi, and then the forest road to Bohorok and Bukit Lawang, where he introduced Juan to 2 bule women who were impressed by what he had achieved and asked him all kinds of questions.

From there they rode to Langsa and then to Takengon, where they tasted some very strong coffee which kept them high all through the night.

They rode to Banda and took the ferry ‘way to Weh’ and at Sabang Juan had completed his trans-Indonesia crossing.

Road to Zero Kilometre Monument (fb/pulau weh aceh)
Road to Zero Kilometre Monument (fb/pulau weh aceh)

They stayed at Gapang beach and celebrated with a few bule travellers,  drinking some beers.

Billy Bob thought the Acehnese people were very friendly and soft spoken and not extremist about their religion. It just proves that people are people and we are all the same – we just have different customs.

They left Weh and their next stop was Lhok Nga beach, where some bule and local surfers ride the waves. They rented surfboards and for Juan it was his first time. He rides a motorbike better than Billy Bob but on a surfboard Billy Bob was the better.

The road along the west coast of Aceh is the best in Sumatra, built after the tsunami. The only good thing about the tsunami was that it ended the Aceh war.

Billy Bob and Juan enjoyed riding their Honda Megapro’s along this great coastal highway. They found cheap hotels at Meulaboh and Tapaktuan.

Eventually they left the coast and head into the hills of Batak Pakpak. Here the road becomes broken again. Billy Bob didnt expect new roads everywhere, but they should be maintained to fill the holes with asphalt.

He couldnt understand the attitude and mindset of some politicians who didnt provide basic service to the people. They feel no shame for cheating the public.

But Billy Bob still liked the Batak people for their open and genuine social character.

Billy Bob and Juan relaxed at Tuktuk for 2 days after their long touring and had become good friends. (to be continued)


Zero Kilometre Monument, most western part of Indonesia (fb/pulau weh aceh)

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