Natascha „Tasha“ Koch, in A Long Way to Samosir Island

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Natascha Koch, Tasha, was born and raised in Western Austria (Tirol) in a very small village called „Lermoos“. The beauty of nature and the attraction of the mountains in this area is the reason for a varied life and a very prosperous tourism-life there.

Also Natascha’s parents are owners of a small hotel there, where she early got in touch with people from all over the world and out of all kinds of cultures. Since she was a child she became more and more interested in foreign languages and foreign countries.

Natascha for BatakToday,com said, at the age of 5 she started making music by playing the piano. Later on her father taught her playing guitar and she started with singing. Due to the reason that her father is also a musician, they started playing together in a duo over 10 years now.

Natascha&Hermann Delago, and Natascha with T-NG
Natascha&Hermann Delago, and Natascha&T-NG

In 2007 Tasha entered a contest called „Austria’s Superstar“ and she won that competition. That’s where she met Hermann Delago for the first time, with whom she stayed in contact all the time and joined a lot of concerts as his guest singer.

After graduating highschool successfully Tasha decided to make her passion to her profession. From that moment on, she became a professional musician, playing more than 200 shows per year. For 8 years she was the female frontsinger of austria’s most popular Coverband called „T-NG“. But her dream has always been, writing her own songs and performing them live.

The Tasha Band
The Tasha Band

And so in 2013 she recorded her first Album „A long way“, including her own written songs, in style of Pop/Rock. She released her first single „Can’t Rewind“, which reached the top of the charts and lasted number 1 for more than a week.

The Tasha Band was born, as a Newcomer Band they started playing the biggest stages in Austria and all around Europe.

The 5 Bandmembers around frontsinger Tasha, are one of the most wanted musicians in Austria. In 2016 they were part of the Competition for the Eurovision Song Contest, with their single „Not in My Name“.

Beside her own Band, Tasha is also part of symphonic metal Band called „Serenity“, an international successful act, touring all over the world.

Natscha Koch&Serenity
Natscha Koch&Serenity

In 2014 Tasha and her guitarist Stefan Neuner (Tasha Band), had the opportunity to join Hermann Delago on his tour with his Austrian Tobatak Orchestra to Indonesia.

There they played two concerts, at Tiara Convention Hall, Medan and Open Stage Tuktuk, Samosir.

Caused by the huge positive respons to this remarkable Events in 2014, Henry Manik, who spent more than a year for the organisation of the concerts in 2014, wanted to give it another try and invited Tasha and her Band in Cooperation with Hermann Delago, to tour again in Indonesia in 2016. Tasha and her Band, also Hermann Delago didn’t even need one second to confirm this tour and so they proudly announce that they will come back in August 2016, to present Tasha’s Songs and of course the european musicians are willing to perform some traditional Batakmusic in a rocky style. (rel/ajvg)

Photo: Natascha Koch, making of video Can’t Rewind, 2012

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