Democratic Circus

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Obama before "long vacation" (spec/wa)

by Magus Kutabarat

The recent elections in the West and the East have shown a difference in the campaign and election process in what is called Democracy but can be called either ‘Democrazy’ or ‘Circus’.

The process for electing the American President was a circus which lasted for an year. First they had a campaign and election just to choose the candidates. Some acted like clowns and others just did tricks, told stories and lies.

This became a media circus and every day the circus moved to a different city. This is big business for the circus ring leaders who stay in the background and count the money.

Next the candidate circus comes down to 2 main performers. In the East the candidates play a private game of party tricks to join the circus but the media watch through the windows. In the West after the candidates are chosen as performers the Big Top circus begins.

They begin with illusion and spin tricks to scare the audience then make promises of bigger acts but these are mostly lies and the media circus follows along.

One performer does conservative tricks while the other does liberal tricks. The audience must decide which performer’s act they enjoy the best. The ring leaders dont mind because they win either way.

In the final act the performers get personally nasty and accuse the other of scandalous acts of sex, cheating and lies. The media circus turn it into a drama or ‘sinetron’.

The Eastern circus performers would never speak personally abusive like that or make big promises to the audience. They prefer to play the game privately with the ring leaders to trick their opponents and play circus monkey bizness this way and the audience gets paid to come to the circus.

Finally the audience vote for a winner and the losers claim they were cheated but mostly the shake hands and get back to private business again and wait for the circus to come back next time.

This is called Democracy, but really its just Business…!!!

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